4/17/14: Power and Grace Movement: New Site!


Early in 2009, a friend told me about crossfit. Little did I know what was to come from such a simple question of, “Hey Mike, you look like you are in good shape, have you ever heard of crossfit?”. For the next 6 months that is all my life consisted of. I didn’t know anyone who did it or anything about it. Daily, I would go to crossfit.com and read forums, workouts, etc. trying to understand what it was about while also implementing it into my training. To be honest, I had no idea what was going on…but I figured it out. Fast forward to may, 2010 when I got my crossfit level one certification and became completely obsessed with coaching crossfit. That was the point in time where I then knew that I wanted to open a gym. I was able to do so with some family members and that hands down has been on of the best things that has happened throughout my life. While this took place, I was always looking for what was next in the coaching aspect. My goal was to become a traveling coach and share all that I have learned through the past years. When the opportunity opened up to become an OutLaw traveling camp coach, I jumped all over it.  When that ball got rolling, I created the “Connectivity/Movement” portion of the camp and had an unbelievable time sharing that amongst the camps..

Time went on and things changed. Spencer then became Deep Performance and I knew that that was who I wanted to work side by side with. When you read his post today, you will see the amazing cards that life dealt him. Because of all this, we had to re-brand ourselves and launch a new website. That website is titled Power and Grace Performance. We chose Power and Grace because combined, Spencer and I bring both power and grace to the table for athletes and the strength and conditioning community.

To quote Spencer, ” Literally nothing else will change. We will still continue writing programming and posting that for free. We will still continue the posting of articles and videos. We also still continue to work with elite athletes and others striving to be elite. Below is the link to our new website. This current website will be up for another 24 hours and then will automatically redirect to our new site. All of the content has already been transferred over to the new site so do not worry that you will lose archived workouts. Furthermore, there are a lot of other new facets to this website including a list of our team athletes as well as some new remote coaching options, and training camps. Take a look at that website, and subscribe to it as this one will be closed by the end of the week

This is an awesome and exciting time for myself along with Spencer and his family. We could not be more excited for the future and  Power and Grace is our permanent home.

Power and Grace Performance

I never would of thought I would be in the position I am today and I greatly appreciate everyone who has supported me from the beginning. I honestly can’t thank you enough.





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