140418: Power and Grace Competition: NEW SITE


Hey guys. New site is up! Rebranded and changed a lot of things. Explanation for that is below.

Here’s the link to the new site: Power and Grace Performance
Here’s the link to today’s work: 140418 Work

Almost 4 years ago Megan and I, one month into marriage, moved from our home in Georgia to Dallas, Texas. We moved so that I could get my Masters in Christian Education at Dallas Theological Seminary. Our plan four years ago was to make our move to Dallas temporary. We never intended to stay in Dallas for an extended period of time. However, the CrossFit community and our Christian community here did not allow that plan to hold. We were so quickly taken into those communities and so deeply loved by both of those communities that it began to be apparent to Megan and I that Dallas was going to be home.

A lot happened over this four years. I got a job at CrossFit Deep coaching the Olympic lifts. That job eventually turned into a partnership with Crossfit Deep Ellum and my work at the gym eventually became my primary focus. Megan got promoted from her original entry level position to the head speech therapist over many other speech therapists in your district. Also over the course of that four years I was introduced to Rudy and The Outlaw Way which launched my career into programming and coaching for elite Crossfitters. When Mike Poppa and I left The Outlaw Way and started our own thing, Deep Performance was born.

It has been almost 4 years to the month since Megan and I moved to Dallas and yet another change and transition has approached us. One of my life’s greatest mentors and original weightlifting is coach Stan Luttrell. As a high school weightlifting coach he helped form much of the man that I am today, and continues still to do so. He did it through the vessel of a high school strength and conditioning program. Two weeks ago I was presented the opportunity to take a position at Kings Ridge Christian School in Alpharetta, Georgia as a Christian education teacher and strength and conditioning coach. The opportunity was a massive answer to many of Megan and my prayers. With the birth of our little girl, almost 4 weeks ago, we both wanted to be back near family as we raised her and her potential brothers and sisters. Furthermore, it has always been my dream to work in the strength and conditioning facet of a high school. I was so deeply impacted by our strength and conditioning coach in high school that the opportunity to do the same for others seems like a dream come true. Furthermore, I get to use my Masters degree teaching Christian education classes focused on transformation of the student’s heart. Megan and I literally feel like God has taken all of our prayers and answered them with one job opportunity.

We will be making the trek back to God’s country at the end of June or early July and I will be starting in my new position at the beginning of August. Likely, many of you have a lot of questions about what’s going to happen with Deep Performance and whats going to happen with the programming, blog, and coaching.

When I told Mike about the job opportunity and asked him how we are going to make this transition he immediately jumped on board and began brainstorming ways to continue doing what we are doing with the CrossFit community and the weightlifting community at large. Our solution is to rebrand and launch a new website. That website is titled Power and Grace Performance. In a nutshell we chose Power and Grace because combined Mike and I bring both power and grace to the table for athletes and the strength and conditioning community.

Literally nothing else will change. We will still continue writing programming and posting that for free. We will still continue the posting of articles and videos. We also still continue to work with elite athletes and others striving to be elite. Below is the link to our new website. This current website will be up for another 24 hours and then will automatically redirect to our new site. All of the content has already been transferred over to the new site so do not worry that you will lose archived workouts. Furthermore, there are a lot of other new facets to this website including a list of our team athletes as well as some new remote coaching options and training camps. Take a look at that website, and subscribe to it as this one will be closed by the end of the week

This is an awesome and exciting time for my family and for what Mike and I are doing. We could not be more excited for the future and we believe power and grace is our permanent home.


One response to “140418: Power and Grace Competition: NEW SITE

  1. Great news brother! Having family near to help with the little ones is priceless, let alone being back home. Proud to have you as a Texan. Hopefully I’ll see you in San Antone this time at MCFSA!

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