4/16/14: Deep Movement


Recognize the position his body is in!?

Being in Sarasota Florida, we tend to have a good amount of crossfit travelers throughout the year. I am always interested to see and hear their perspective on crossfit. They come from different coaches with all types of programming. With that being said, over the past week, there have been two different come in that were both working on muscle ups. One of the girls had a MU while the other didn’t. The one who did, did just enough to accomplish it but worked against herself at all times with her positioning. Over and over, she fought to get her left hand on top of the rings putting an extreme amount of stress on both of her shoulders. She has been in the gym a time before and at that time, did MU’s. From what I saw, they never changed. This brings up my point for the day. You guys HAVE to be able to understand where your movement goes wrong and then address those exact parts. I understand that as an athlete, that can be very tough given a lack of knowledge in regards to that movement. This is where your coach comes in. If you are not able to understand what is causing you to not execute a movement properly then you need to ask a coach. If that coach isn’t able to provide the information to help, then look else where. You HAVE to work to get better at all times.

While watching her complete these difficult MU’s, all I could think was,

1) Does she plan to fix them?

2) Does her coach understand where she is going wrong or is that the reason why there hasn’t been any improvement since we saw her last?

I did walk over to provide some coaching  because I couldn’t watch her elbow and shoulder take any more of the abuse. I didn’t get much response from her which I was a little confused about but at least I tried (ha!)

Please take responsibility in your movement and work to fix them. You are surrounded by people who want to help. If they can’t help, then go online and find something that will. To many times, athletes try to put the cart in front of the horse with no intention of ever taking a step back and work on the foundation of whatever it is they need to work on. From strength to mobility, there can always be improvement.


skill: post wod- Tabata hanging L-sit. If you have access to rings, use them but if not, hang from the pull-up bar.

Keep fighting the good fight!

Coach Poppa


2 responses to “4/16/14: Deep Movement

  1. Sigh. I would so use any input you had!! I am a horrible early puller and working on trying to change it with little success. So frustrating but I have taken it back to just working the false grip hold.

  2. That’s sad. I would be so happy to have help! I have a wildly early pull which I am trying to fix. I have had to just go back to the false grip hang and hollow / hollow. It’s still a struggle.

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