Worth The Watch


So the video below I have talked about and watched a lot over the past week. Personally this video is not only intimidating, but it is also incredibly inspiring. Below is a video of Caleb Williams (fellow 69 kg competitor and current national champion) cleaning from the blocks. I wanted to publish this video publicly for three specific reasons:

First, if there were ever an example of the utility of a massive squat, he is it. Caleb squats both in the front and in the back an enormous amount of weight that will always exceed what he can clean. That capability simply gives him such an advantage in the lifts.

Second, notice how close the bar stays to his body. Much of the efficiency that we see in these cleans is caused by how close the bar is to him. He is able to pull under the bar so quickly and find himself in such a powerful position because of this. It’s, in my opinion, his catalyst for such an accelerated stand-up from the squat.

Lastly, look at how strong his positioning is from the time he sets up until the time he pulls under the bar. His back stays flat, he stays over the bar initially, and the strength of his pull is magnanimous. I’m of the belief that in American weightlifting, the utility of strength is largely under-emphasized and as a result under-utilized. Not the case with Caleb.

Take a look:


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