4/14/14: Deep Movement


Last week I went over how to transition from the top of a completed MU, to the bottom while putting ourselves in a great position for the next one. The goal is to do it in a balanced fashion and to also put ourselves in a tight arch position on our back swing. Above are  two different still shots with the positioning I am looking for on the way up and down. The top picture is when I am transitioning down from the dip while the bottom picture is my swing up after being in the arch position. Either way, the hollow position is what we are looking for. It allows you to stay balanced while also keeping you in a connected/powerful state.

Two common movement flaws athletes do on the way down from the MU are,

1) Drop straight down with nothing engaged causing all momentum and power to be lost

2) They leave their feet out front too much causing them to be unbalanced when going into the next MU. Instead of the upper and lower body counterbalancing each other, keeping us centered, our body becomes a pendulum and we then are out of control because we are swinging back and forth.

This is the MU video I posted last week. The still shots above are from that exact video. Watch it closely but this time look for the consistency in the MU. (Identify what you are doing different then go to work on correcting that part!)

Connected Muscle Ups

Skill: -4xME Strict ring pull ups while maintaining a hollow position Rest 1 minute in between. Use whatever grip you use while performing your MU’s or MU’s attempts.

If you have MU’s, spend 10 minutes working on the transition. I want you to concentrate on keeping your shoulders, stomach, and glutes engaged.

Happy Monday,

Coach Poppa

P.S- Stay tuned because we have some big things coming in the next few days!



One response to “4/14/14: Deep Movement

  1. That’s what I’m talking about! Actually, that’s what you were talking about…the hollow position. I’ll be working on that!

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