140415: Deep Barbell

A) Tall Clean into Split Jerk in one motion: 40/3, 50/3*2 sets
B) Clean + FS + Power Jerk From Blocks @ BK: 60/2+2+2, 70/2+2+1*3 sets
C) Clean Pull From Blocks: 100/6*3 sets

A) Jerk Drives: 100/3*4 sets
B) Incline Bench: 4×6 AHAP


4 responses to “140415: Deep Barbell

  1. Weightlifting
    A) 155/185
    B) 245 / 275
    C) 385

    A) 385
    B) 205 for all (had to set up a really sketch incline bench… should had a “don’t try this at home” sign on it)

  2. Haven’t been posting lately but still following daily. Feeling strong. Fun workouts
    B) 175,195
    C) 245-255
    A) 245-255 jerks drives felt real good
    B) 175

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