140414: Deep Performance

A) Tall Snatch: 50/3*5 sets, rest 60 sec
B) Snatch from blocks @ BK: Find max triple in 10 min THEN complete 6 singles @ max triple every 30 sec
C) FS: 4×6 @ 75%, rest 2 min

A) EMOM x 6 min: 3-4 Burpee MU
B) Floor Wipers (135/95): 3×10 each side

AMRAP in 6min:
10 Hang Power Clean (135/95), 50 DU
rest 6 min walking

AMRAP in 6min:
150m row, 10 OHS (135/95)


3 responses to “140414: Deep Performance

  1. A. 100. Felt good
    B. max triple was 185
    But then I tried singles after and couldn’t get it for some reason so did the singles at 165
    C. 228. Felt really hard after all the cleans yesterday.

    Skill: skipped. Didn’t feel up to it.
    Listened to my body.

    Amrap 1.
    2 rounds plus 10 hpc and 40 du’s.

    Amrap 2.
    3 rounds plus 190 meters. Rowed the last thirty as I didn’t have time to transition again.

    • The singles after the triple felt impossible. I hit 195# which is 89% of my 1RM. I got the first single and then failed the next two attempts which felt like snatch pulls… Haha. I stopped there. Just wanted to let you know you weren’t the only one!

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