140411: Deep Performance

A) Snatch from blocks @ top of knee + snatch balance: 4 sets of 3+3 @ 70%-80%, rest 90 sec
B) Deadlift: Work to heavy set of 5 for one set, non-maximal

A) EMOM x 4min: 3-4 Deficit HSPU, no rest, EMOM x 4min: 3-4 Strict HSPU @ regional standards

AMRAP in 8: 10 Push Press (95/65), 8 Burpees, 6 C2B Pullups


One response to “140411: Deep Performance

  1. A. 135,145,155,171
    B. 315 (stopped, blister on hand tore
    Skill: done and done
    Subbed different conditioning piece
    20 min amrap
    7 power cleans 155
    7 chest to bad pull ups
    250m run

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