4/9/14: Deep Movement

If you guys have anything  you would like me to address, please reach out and I will post about it!

Today’s post is in response to Joe. Yesterday he wrote,

“Hey pops, I’m enjoying the work but here is something I struggle with in the muscle ups.

At the top of a finished muscle up I know we want to get our feet in an L-sit type position to swing down to reset the kip for the next one. I really struggle with this. Maybe a topic to address later for multiple rep mus?


Below are two different ways I break that transition down. There are many ways to do this but I found these two to make the most sense. The first video demonstrates a technique that is a little bit slower but allows the athlete to show a good amount of control. It helps them return back into the tight arch position on their back swing in a consistent manner. A couple of examples when to use this would be when:

– An athlete recently got their first MU and is working to string multiple reps together.

-An athlete that doesn’t have the best control on the transition from the top and needs to find a technique that they can be consistent with.

Muscle-up using the “chair” transition technique

Below I am demoing a more aggressive version. Ideally, this would be the end goal for all of my athletes.

Full Muscle-up demo

Skill: Transition practice for 10 minutes. Have someone record you in coaches eye so you can see exactly what you are doing.

Happy training!

Coach Poppa


5 responses to “4/9/14: Deep Movement

  1. In a past Deep Movement spencer talked about the Split Jerk an how athletes should have a higher split jerk than clean. I’ve been working on my split jerks since then and when I get under heavy weight it crashes my knee down into the floor.

  2. Thanks for the post reply! The cue of getting back to the hollow position at the top of the dip I think will really help me, I think I’ve been elevating my feet to an ‘L-sit’ type spot without activating my stomach so I lose the tension on the way down.. can’t wait to try it tonight

    p.s. are you rocking the red keds? must be a Florida thing.. haha!!

  3. I have one question: Do you work on False grip first to get MU’s or should we just go into no False grip progressions?
    And what should be pull position from the bottom of MU for no false grip: Is it palms facing each other sort of a chin up or palms facing ahead. Thanks MP

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