Pulls To Explode Demo and Explanation

Courtesy of Chad Hamilton and Fittest Games

Courtesy of Chad Hamilton and Fittest Games

Here recently I have been programming these movements. Many of you text, email, and comment asking what a pull to explode is or what its purpose is. To answer the first question, a demo video is below with me explaining how to properly perform the movements.

Snatch Pull To Explode

Clean Pull To Explode

The second answer to the purpose of the movement is a bit more complex. I use and program these movements for three specific reasons.
1- To increase overall pulling strength: Basically you are able to do pulls to explode and pretty heavy weight and push the threshold to how much weight you typically will pick up off the floor. These pulls allow you to (a) get used to breaking the ground with heavy weight and (b) increase posterior chain strength through overloading the pull.
2- To help create the habit of staying over the bar: Due to the fact that your shoulders should never cross behind the bar in this pull, you are able to help prevent the rampant bad habit of getting behind the bar and into the second pull too early. I’ve talked about the key to having your shoulders over the bar for as long as possible especially for the purpose of leverage. I’ve also talked about why it’s important to get the knees back off the floor and leave them back as long as you can as well. This pull forces the lifter to stay over the bar far longer than they would in an actual lift, thus developing the habit. Furthermore, it helps the lifter to work on getting the knees back and keeping them back through the first pull because your knees never rebend for this pull.
3- To help the lifter to use their legs longer off the floor: This pull forces the lifter to utilize the legs longer as there is no point in which you would transition into a jump. Furthermore, as I have written before, the point of the pull to explode is to sustain a leg drive through the pull for longer than you typically would. This allows the lifter to not only be strong in the legs but to develop the habit of not transitioning into the second pull too early.


2 responses to “Pulls To Explode Demo and Explanation

  1. what are your thoughts about doing the snatch pull to explosion followed by a snatch from the floor just to really hone in on that movement pattern for someone who either pulls early or moves to toes so that hip meets bar rather than waiting for bar to meet hips

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