140409: Deep Barbell

A) Snatch Recovery: 70/5, 80/3, 90/3, 100/3*2 sets
B) Power Jerk + Split Jerk + Jerk Grip OHS: 4 sets of 3+3+1 AHAP

A) BS: 4×8 @ 75%
B) Press From Split: 3×8 AHAP
C) L-Hold x 30 sec x 4 sets


3 responses to “140409: Deep Barbell

  1. AM WL:
    A) 145-165-190 (didn’t work up to 100% because I was worried about the rig I had set up, looked like it might bend)
    B) 176

  2. A) 145#,165,185,200 first time to perform these. My legs definitely need to be stronger.
    B) 135,145 more in the tank.

    A) 235
    B) 95# 1st time. I’m weak in the split!
    C) definitely need to get better at these.

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