4/7/14: Deep Movement





The past couple weeks I have been chipping away at muscle ups and nothing else. Even if you haven’t been able to achieve a MU yet, I hope you can understand the importance of correct positioning and applying it to everything else. We haven’t went over the false grip positioning yet but I promise it will be addressed soon.

As athletes/coaches, we have to know what the optimal position or global position is for the body.  If you can apply the hollow and arch while executing different movements and consistently do that, you will become stronger and move with much more control. Having the glutes and abdominals turned on with the shoulders activated, already puts you in a stronger position than most. No matter what level, knowing the CORRECT position and technique is everything. When I first start working with an athlete, sometimes it feels as if they are taking a  step back instead of instantly getting better. As an example we will use a chest to bar pull-up. There are regionals athletes that still have trouble butterflying and even kipping these at times. Are they still at a high level of competitive exercise? You better believe it! Can they be better if they take the time to consistently train their movements in a better position….Definitely!! You have to be able to get out of your own way and accept the fact that you need to clean some movements up and go back to the basics. A butterfly chest to bar is VERY difficult, especially when your heart rate is elevated. If we resort to good positioning ALL THE TIME because we have trained it daily then it wont be a shot in the dark come game day. Rich Froning is a perfect example of this. He is always working to become better at everything. I know many others do, he just happens to be the best at it. He is a tough example because there are adjustments he makes that we don’t even realize because of how small they are.

Imitating someones movement is all an athlete needs to get better at times. Naturally, you should always look at the highest level at whatever you are doing. In our world, that is the CrossFit games athletes. What is the common factor with all of them? Do they all move the same? If not, who is better and why. You have to ask yourself these questions if you are trying to get better at this sport. If you are a coach, hold yourself to a higher standard and never deviate from it! Now take a look at the pictures above and think about what looks right and why.

Skill: post wod-3x max effort ring l-sit with 1 minute in between. If you dont have rings then use paralettes or boxes.

Never stop getting better!

Coach Poppa



5 responses to “4/7/14: Deep Movement

  1. Hey pops, I’m enjoying the work but here is something I struggle with in the muscle ups.

    At the top of a finished muscle up I know we want to get our feet in an L-sit type position to swing down to reset the kip for the next one. I really struggle with this. Maybe a topic to address later for multiple rep mus?


  2. Hi,
    haven’t got my first MU yet, but I’ve been working on with progressions a lot last couple of weeks now so hopefully soon… Would you recommend in any case trying to get the first MU with bent arm? Thanks!

    • Hey Maria, I would. When I start athletes out, I teach them with a bent arm in the false grip so they can accomplish it first. Once they understand what it feels like, then we build on top of it. Let me know if you get it!

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