140408: Deep Performance

A) CJ from blocks from bottom of knee: 4 heavy sets of 3 cleans + 1 split jerk, rest 2 min
B) Jerk Balances: 4 sets of 5 AHAP with perfect technique, rest 90 sec

Complete the following: 4 min max cal row, 4 min active recovery on rower, 8 min max cal row, 8 min active recovery on rower, 4 min max cal row, 4 min active recovey and cooldown

5 sets of 3 tall box jump, rest as needed


5 responses to “140408: Deep Performance

    • “However off-season training begins next week. I will give you a write-up specifically on the goals for the off-season but for now you can trust it will be heavy, highly aerobic, and a little different than anything you’ve experienced in the past. Myself and the Professor herself Liza Ledford (she’s not really a professor but she’s smarter than most of them) are working on some Vo2 max training ideas for the off-season.” – Spencer Arnold

      I cringed when I first read it…

  1. A. 2 sets at 95kg, 2 at 105
    B. 2 sets at 55 kg, 2 at 75
    Skill. High. Don’t know how high but i liked it.
    468 calories
    7560 meters.
    That was wild.

  2. Strength
    A. 255, 265, 275, 285
    B. 135, 155, 165, 175 (this is an awkward movement for me)

    534 cals, 8020m total…was watching my projected finish and really wanted to hit 8k so the final four minutes was just as fast as the previous four. Plenty aerobic indeed. Was as tough mentally as anything. That’s 12 minutes longer than I’ve ever been on the erg in one sitting before.

    Decided to give depth jumps a go instead. Dropped off 12″ box onto: 24″, 30″, 33″, 36″, 39″. 39″ was about my limit for the first exposure.

  3. By the way Spencer, any tips on the what, why, and how of jerk balances? I’ve watched the Catalyst Athletics demo video and pulled as much as I can from that but it’s still a weird/awkward movement for me.

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