140405: Deep Performance

A) From Blocks @ Top Of Knee: Clean + Power Jerk + Jerk Grip OHS: 3+1+1 x 4 sets @ one heavy weight across (as heavy as the OHS will allow)
B) BS: EMOM x 6 min: 2 reps @ 80%

10 Rounds
20 UB KB Swings (53/35)
10 UB HR Pushups
50m sled drag (150/100 total weight)
Rest 2:1


2 responses to “140405: Deep Performance

  1. A) 145, definitely limited by my jerk grip OHS
    B) BS: 265 EMOM

    Cond: only had time for 5 rds and subbed a 100m shuttle run for the sled drag, in the process of getting a dog sled. 1st rd 1:15
    2nd: 1:30
    3rd: 1:35
    4th: 1:45
    5th: 1:38

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