140404: Deep Performance

A) Snatch From Blocks @ Hip: 70/3*5 sets
B) Snatch High Pull: 90-100/5*4 sets

A1) Weighted Ring Row x 8: 4 sets, rest 90 sec
A2) Strict HSPU x 4-6 (deifict if possible) x 4 sets, rest 90 sec

None Today, Do a class or play something fun


3 responses to “140404: Deep Performance

  1. Thanks for this.
    A. 140
    B. 185. Noticed I’m bad at this.

    A1: 35 pound weight two sets. Two sets unweighted as I kept bumping the weight and it kept falling off.

    A2: deficit probably 4 inches. Strict.

    Ate past for my conditioning.

  2. A. 145
    B. 210

    A1: weighted vest

    A2: strict/2inch deficit 2 rounds

    Did an endurance workout with a friend…no idea why…
    Row with 2 min rest between each
    -Last 100m of each should be a dead sprint

    1k – 3:37
    800m – 2:53
    1k – 3:44
    600m – 2:10
    1k – 3:45
    400m – 1:25
    1k – 3:42
    200m – .39

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