140404: Deep Barbell

A) Drop Snatch: 50/3, 60/3*3 sets
B) Snatch From blocks @ top of knee + snatch from hip: 60/2+2, 70/2+1, 75=80/2+1*4 sets
C) Split Jerk: 60/3, 70/3, 75/3, 80/3*5 sets

A) Snatch Grip RDL: 3×10 AHAP
B) Pendlay Row: 4×8


10 responses to “140404: Deep Barbell

  1. Any chance I could get a sneak peak of what the squats will be tomorrow? I’m going to be out of town and unable to get to a gym but I’d like to make those up and squeeze them in tomorrow if possible.

  2. WL:
    A) 110-132 lbs
    B) 132-152-172 lbs
    C) just did 5×3 at 198 lbs
    A) 198 lbs
    B) 176 lbs

    Exhausting session. Realized on lighter percentages I don’t finish my pull very well, bring the hips forward a bit too much instead of up so I loop the bar just a little bit, caused me to miss 3 reps during the snatch work. Did a lot of PVC pulls to correct it, I know how it should feel it’s just a matter of doing it every time.

    Jerks felt great today, much improved at stepping under it and keeping my hips under the bar.

    • Today everything felt heavy !

      I’m thinking about switching over to

      Mon- work
      Wed- work
      Saturday -off
      Sunday – work

      So essentially it would be 4 days in a row ?

      How do you feel about this ?

      The reason is because on Sundays I have chance to lift at a real oly gym where I can actually drop the bumpers and use massive amounts of real chalk not liquid chalk.

  3. when you say snatch RDL, is each rep done from the floor with a pretty horizontal back (a’la Klokov) or in the more conventional manner that toast the hammies?

  4. Weightlifting
    A) 135 / 155
    B) 155 / 185 / 215 / 225 / 225 / 225
    C) 205 / 235 / 255 / 275 x 5

    A) 225 / 225 / 275
    B) 225 on the row

  5. 153 lb lifter following deep barbell for first time leading up to June 7th meet. Current 1 rms are 190lbs and 235 lbs.
    A) 95-110
    B) 115-130-135-140-145-145
    C) 140-165-175-190×5 sets
    A) 115-120-125
    B) 115-120-125-130

  6. WL
    A: 85-95#
    B: 95-115-135#
    C: 130-150-160-175(started failing so stopped. Off day today)

    A: 135#
    B: 135#

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