2/4/14: Deep Movement





Correct head positioning


Incorrect positioning

The more I am able to work with Emily Carothers, the more I learn about exact positioning in regards to proper gymnastics positioning. She addressed that toes to nose isn’t the correct body position to drill as it relates to a handstand hold and a handstand walk. You would never tuck your head forward with either of those movements being that it would cause you to fall over especially when you’re walking.

We use the “toes to nose” hold to teach a good hollow position but with that being said, moving forward we will refer to it as what it is, a handstand facing the wall with a neutral head position – eyes are looking at your hands. Notice the picture on the bottom, the head is tucked too far in.  The picture on the top illustrates the correct, neutral head position.

Skill: Tabata handstand hold, facing the wall with neutral head position

Keep fighting the good fight!

Coach Poppa


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