Team Programming and Two PR Videos


I hope everyone is thoroughly enjoying the destruction that is 14.5 right now. It looks like a world of hurt and as such I will continue to put off completing it. Likely forever.

I want to get yall 2 quick things today. First, many of you inquired about whether or not I would be offering team training for Regional teams. I will be putting out team training as well designed per Regional. It will be designed for a team of 6. Again, should your team choose to use Deep Performance programming to prepare you for Regionals I would set up one of your team members with a passcode and login to access the team training website. The package will start next week and run through the end of Regionals. The cost per team for the entire package is $300. Should your team make Regionals and want to follow please contact me at to get started.

Also, many of our Deep Barbell compadres are hitting new personal records in the snatch and clean and jerk this week. Here’s a sneak peak of a couple. For those of you who were not able to PR or weren’t able to hit as high a number as you hoped I think I know why. I will explain this next week. Don’t worry you are stronger I just may have deloaded you too much. Again I will explain that next week.

To encourage you here is two PR Videos:

Alex 275# Snatch

Dom 235# Snatch

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