140329: Deep Performance

A) CleanJerk (THIS IS NOT A CLEAN AND JERK): 70/3*3 sets. Rest 2 min. Think Clean directly into Split Jerk with no pause. Like a thruster but into a split jerk.

B) Pause FS: 4 sets of 2 @ 70%, 3 sec pause in the bottom, rest 2 min

5k row @ 80% intensity


7 responses to “140329: Deep Performance

  1. Hey just curious where did you get your knee sleeves? The black ones in your hook grip instagram video.

    Thanks Mike.

  2. just wanted to double check something; for front squat percentage bases, is that based on our 1RM front squat or our 3RM front squat. I have been working with my 1RM since you were programming with the Outlaw Way but I wasn’t sure if I have been going off the wrong numbers this whole time. I cause in hindsight it probably doesn’t matter too much, Thanks.

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