140329: Deep Barbell

A) CJ: Max: Use no less than 5 sets and no more than 7 sets to get to 95% and work to max. Allow for 2-4 misses.



8 responses to “140329: Deep Barbell

  1. C&J 215 10 off my best
    FS 245 PR 3RM
    I learned a good lesson over the past few weeks leading up to my first meet of works best for me. I handle and respond well to more volume and for me taking two weeks of deload is just not my best approach to set PRs. I’m super happy with this cycle can’t wait for the next one to start. My first meet is next weekend the Ogar Open in Chesapeake Va. Thanks for all the hard work of programing Spencer. I’m continuously learning and getting better.

      • After the short Bulgarian cycle I snatched 175 then hit 190 the Monday before the deload week I also had a 10 lb jump I’m the clean my jerk is still lagging due to the shoulder surgery in Sept so I saw great improvement with this cycle. The heavy pulls really help me. My biggest weakness is my hamstring strength.

  2. This last week of doing nothing(or next to nothing) really threw me off for this maxing weekend. I did my normal warm up and worked up slowly but once I hit 90ish % it went south fast. I felt that I was just out of whack. Missing weight that I did the week before for doubles and triples. I am interested to see what you write up about the deload of the deload week.

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