140328: Deep Performance

A) From Blocks @ top of knee: Snatch + OHS: 70/2+3*3 sets, rest 2 min

Open Workout 14.5 Test OR Test @ 70% OR Test Intervals of the movements


5 responses to “140328: Deep Performance

  1. Quick question. Is the strength component performed as 2 snatches followed by immediately by 3 unbroken OHS without dropping the barbell?


  2. Strength:
    A) 70 kg/ 154 lbs
    14.5 practice

    I’m going to do 14.5 tomorrow so I can switch back to Barbell on monday.
    Spencer, thanks for the programming. I was able to contribute a scoring workout for my gym off of just a couple weeks of conditioning thanks to this template. I am excited to get back to lifting heavy things though.

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