The Future Post-Open

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Both of our programs are currently in a place where I’m sure many of you are wondering what the next step will look like. For those following the Deep Performance program, the question is what does the programming look like once the Open is complete? For the Deep Barbell program, I’m sure many of you are wondering what competition you should be looking towards and what competition I want each of you to peak for.

As for Deep Performance, I have made no secret about who this programming is designed for. It is not designed for the Games level athlete or the Mid-to-High level Regional athlete. Deep Performance is 100% designed for those of you looking to excel in the Open and potentially make it to Regionals. The strength work is written accordingly as well as the conditioning. We do work on skills that you will see you at Regionals based on the reality that I hope many of you make it to that level from this program. With that in mind we are going to roll out two different programs after the Open is complete. For those of you who did not make Regionals the Deep Performance blog will continue to offer free programming already designed to prepare you for next years Open. What that means is next week the Deep Performance programming will go into off-season. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the off-season in CrossFit that means lots of strength work, perfection of movement, and the building of aerobic capacity mostly through mona-structural means.

On the other hand, for those of you who do make the Regional level and have been following the Deep Performance programming I have something a little different for you. I’m going to begin writing programming for those of you competing at Regionals specifically designed for the week in which you will compete. This program will specifically be designed to allow you to recover from fighting so hard in the Open and allow you to peak properly for your Regional. When they release the Regional workouts obviously this program will be designed around you completing those workouts or portions of these workouts in a timely fashion and have you mentally and physically prepared for your weekend. The difference in this program and the free Deep Performance programming is that the Regional programming will be subscription-based. For those of you who make the Regional, I will ask that you email me next week following the completion of the Open. If you’re interested in getting the regional workouts I will set you up with a link and a password to access those workouts. Once you have paid for the Regional package subscription then you will be given the access code to the wordpress site containing the Regional workouts. The entire package, starting immediately following the Open and continuing through the completion of the last Regional, will cost $100. It will gain you access to a WordPress site where many of you can post your comments and results for others to see and compete against. Again not all of you will be completing the same work at the same time as your Regional weekends will be different. I hope recognize that this is a paid service but I also recognize that many of you are smart enough to be able to copy and paste the workouts and send them to all your friends. If you feel of doing that, then go for it but please remember that for the majority of the season I offer free programming and have asked nothing for it. This is an opportunity for me to give you really successful programming designed to help you perform at your best, I just ask that you respect that work in return.

On the Deep Barbell side it’s a different story. Nationals is coming in July. Even if you are not preparing to go to Nationals or you think that you still have some growing room before you qualify for Nationals, it is not going to hurt you to follow this next 10-week cycle. Starting next week, Deep Barbell will be spending 10 weeks preparing to hit National qualifying totals. This cycle will end the Saturday of June 7th. June 7th is the last day to qualify for Nationals. I would begin looking for a meet to compete at that weekend. We are trying to put one together here in Dallas. Details coming. With that in mind, I will give you more details about what the next 10 weeks looks like but all you really need to know is that while Deep Performance is rotating into their off-season, Deep Barbell is smack in the middle of our season with hopes to make the post-season (Nationals). Should you qualify for Nationals we will cross that bridge with each of you when we come to it but for now your season peaks June 7th.

Lots of big things happening right now. Can’t wait to see (A) how everyone stacks up at the end of 14.5 and (B) those big numbers after maxing this weekend for Deep Barbell.


10 responses to “The Future Post-Open

    • Good question. I will post about that tomorrow. It will be similar and the workouts will be similar to individual workouts but with different intensity requirements and time domains. When they release workouts then each teammate will have specific workouts to complete.

  1. Hey Spencer –

    2 Questions:
    1) What if we do not make Regionals but would still like to purchase said programming? Is that okay and/or suggested?

    2) Based on this, and the above comment from pwells, what about anything team related?


  2. The top 200 masters will have an additional 4 work outs after the open will you be covering those as well?

  3. Spencer, would you mind posting how long the next few cycles will be so we can plan accordingly? Vacations, family, etc.

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