3/26/14: Deep Movement

Sorry for the bad link yesterday. Lets try this again

Emily Carothers MU-2


It drives me crazy when I see is when an athlete that doesn’t have the mobility to perform a certain movement correctly or in a safe manner and doesn’t do anything about it. There have been quite a few people say they don’t have the shoulder mobility to properly do a false grip MU. You guys HAVE to take responsibility with your mobility and fix it. External rotation in the shoulder is what many lack including the group that can’t do a false grip MU. Kelly Starrett has to many videos out there to count that will help you fix these nasty mobility issues. I give our members a few different mobility drills and stress to them the necessity to work these daily. I want you to stay consistent with whatever mobility drills you choose for a couple of weeks or until you see vast improvement.

Never stop getting better!

Coach Poppa


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