3/24/14: Deep Movement

The focus today is on the open-handed muscle up and it’s transition. In its simplest form, I look at the transition as an aggressive sit-up. Yes, there are other parts taking place but if you can maintain tension with your core on the upward swing, it will be easier to turn your body over into the dip position with performing an aggressive sit-up. One of the biggest hiccups athletes have with doing this “style” is grip. Because of all of the working parts, athletes have trouble turning their hands over on the rings. Your hands HAVE to move to get on top of the rings. You physically cannot get into the dip position if your hands stay in the same place.

Lets break down the MU that robin performed in order

1) Hollow

2) Arch 

3) A combination of a hollow position with an explosive swing vertical

4) Maintain the hollow until your body is completely horizontal

5) Kip

6) Aggressive sit-up with hand turnover on the rings. Preferably tucking your feet at the same time which will put you in a optimal dip position to kip out of.

7) Ring dip with tension through the body while keeping a vertical forearm.

Below are still shots of the MU in coaches eye from the other day.


His body is elevating while holding the hollow position




The kip occurred which bringing is hips level to the rings which initiates the sit-up with tucking his feet at the same time.



He is rotating forward very aggressively with his feet still tucked while turning over his hand



His end position of the transition. He has tension throughout his body with a vertical  forearm and is now ready to perform a dip/kipping ring dip.

Side note: When I first teach someone a MU, I have them do it with the false grip. There are only a select few athletes that are able to perform one with the open handed for their first MU but I always start everyone the same and then adjust accordingly. Once that athlete is consistent with their false grip MU, I will then teach them one with an open handed grip and let them decide which they like best.

skill: 10 minutes to work on the positions above

Happy Monday,

Coach Poppa


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