140324: Deep Performance

A) Power Snatch + Snatch: 70/1+2*4 sets, rest 2 min
B) BS: 4×2.2.2 clusters (65%,70%, 75%), rest 8 sec between doubles, 2 min rest between sets

EMOM x 8 min:
Odd Min: 6-8 weighted Deadhang Chinups
Even Min: Max HS Hold (up to 30 sec), hold free-standing if possible


Open 14.4 Repeat


5 Rounds:
8 Push Press (115/75)
12 KB Swing (53/35)
200m run
Rest 60 sec


7 responses to “140324: Deep Performance

  1. A. 145. No misses.
    B. 225,240,260. Felt good.

    A. 8,8,8,6
    B. handstands using wall but trying to stay off of it for 5 seconds at a time or so.

    14.4 redo. Finished cleans at 10:45. Felt great. Couldn’t get a muscle up. Never done one. Almost did twice.

  2. Strength:
    A) 175, 2/3,2/3,3/3,3/3
    B) BS: 245,265,285

    EMOM x 8 min:
    Odd – 7 at 25#
    Even Min: attempted freestanding holds

    5 Rounds, 10:49 total time. Probably a 250m run.

  3. a) #115
    b) 195, 205,225
    skill – 6 pull ups 30 sec. hold every round

    12:30 total time *200m row

  4. 14.4 redo… Cut :52 from previous attempt and got 11:39 after cleans were done. No muscle ups. Never got one before and wasn’t expecting a miracle to happen.

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