140324: Deep Barbell

A) Power Snatch to 70% and stop
B) Snatch Pull: 3 singles @ Current max

A) FS: 3×2 @ 85% of CJ max


4 responses to “140324: Deep Barbell

  1. 4. Reverse Hyper 3×10

    1. 145 2. 180 3. 225 4. 30lbs

    1. Felt pretty good today. Low back still a little tight. 75-95-115-125-135. Worked up to 80%because my snatch sucks. 2. These felt better than expected 3. Could feel back being tight. Didn’t have a lot of bounce today. Scaled up. Deep Barbell is on a taper right now and I’m not. 4. Did some light reverse hypers to stretch out the back

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  2. I was doing some maintenance/renovation stuff at my box today, so I only had time to redo 14.4. I hit 198 reps this time around. Finished my cleans at 11:22 and only have about 2:30 for MU’s. I did 6 sets of 3.

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