14.4 and other updates


Two quick updates for yall today.

On 14.4 seems like the name of the game is to get to the rings faster without sacrificing shoulder fatigue on toes to bar. If you are repeating the workout and want to gain a few more muscleups or maybe get back to the rower, the answer is to speed up everywhere except the toes to bar. Bring your split down a bit on the rower, maintain small, fast sets on the toes to bar, utilize bigger unbroken sets on wallballs (like 2×20 if you can), and move fast singles on the cleans. You need all the time you can get at the rings. When you get to the rings don’t over-expend yourself just because you may feel capable. A larger set early will crush your attempts later. Triples, doubles, and likely singles are the best way to make sure all your attempts count and you never reach failure. If you have to struggle to complete a MU rep then give yourself a bit more rest before attempting the next one. Bottomline: the T2B are the secret assassin in this workout so don’t let your anxst to get to the rings push you there. The MU are a matter of staying within your bounds and not allowing your desire for more reps push you past your capacity.

Second update. Emma Katherine Arnold came into the world yesterday at 7:48pm weighing 7lbs 2oz and measuring 19 ¾ inches long. Mom and EK are healthy. There really are no words to describe that experience, how proud I am of Megan, and how blessed I feel holding that baby girl. I don’t know that I have really processed that last 24 hours yet but everything everyone tells you doesn’t prepare you. I wasn’t near prepared for what it feels like when she’s yours.

Oh and men… if you haven’t have a kid yet. Thank your lucky stars you’re not the one in labor. We wouldn’t survive 20 minutes. Much less 19 hours.


6 responses to “14.4 and other updates

  1. Congrats!!! She’s beautiful! Changes everything doesn’t it? I’m a mama of 2 and wouldn’t change anything of my crazy life. Enjoy!!

    In other news I got 180 with tb of 12:21… I’ve never gotten a mu before (I’m there’s… Just can’t get over… Frustrating!!) and I’m going to try 14.4 again later today for a quicker time.

    Again congrats!!! 🙂

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