3/21/14: Deep Movement

Today I am showing the difference in muscle ups

1) Maintaining the H/A position

2) Only driving your knees up.

Muscle Up comparison- Hollow MU/Knees up

We are always striving for perfection but that wont happen over night. The “knees up cue” helps athletes still create a powerful drive vertical but also breaks their body at the knee so they don’t end up in an aggressive pike position as seen below. With 14.4, I want you guys to use what works at this point in time.

This position is one of the most common things I see when someone misses an MU. When the heart rate is elevated, we have to learn how to move correctly instead of working against ourselves!



Skill: While warming up for 14.4- work on the position that you are comfortable with. ALWAYS try to maintain tension throughout the body no matter what technique you use.

Elevate the body!

Coach Poppa


4 responses to “3/21/14: Deep Movement

  1. Would one of those techniques/positions be better for someone depending on their body type or build, if they typically pull too early when fatigued, etc.?

    • Any chance on getting done feedback on this? Just curious as muscle-ups have always been a huge problem for me.

      • Sorry for the late response! I just now came across this. A connected body is just that, no matter of body type and build. If you can achieve the proper position to create power, you will do exactly that. In regards to the early arm bend, that is something that you will have to drill to break. It comes down to understanding the technique and then trusting it when you are fatigued. Hope this helps

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