Deep Barbell Gametime

I have been talking back and forth with some followers of the Deep Barbell program and quite honestly yall are a bit ancy. Maybe bored is a better word. It’s a deload week for Deep Barbell in prep for max week next week. So for the most part the followers of the program are working out half the time with half the weight at far less complex lifts.

I wanted to take their whining comments and remind everyone that a taper week will be monotonous, boring, and likely make you feel a little ancy. That’s good. In weightlifting we call that the “taper bug.” It happens because your body feels recovered and ready to lift, you’re finally feeling at 100%, and the weight feels like. It’s almost like the barbell is begging you to PR. It is actually. Don’t give in. Rest. You body, muscles, and central nervous system needs it.

The point of this short blog is two-fold. First, trust the taper. This week is boring and seemingly useless to you. It’s designed that way. Don’t let the urge to go heavy overtake you. Use self-control. Secondly, enjoy this time. You only get weeks this taper about once every 12-15 weeks. I know it seems useless or overboard. You need it.

To help you feel better. Here’s Jason Pierce with a 20# PR FS from last week. It looks too easy.
Jason Pierce 220# FS


4 responses to “Deep Barbell Gametime

  1. With next week being max week could u blog on how you warm up for a max in the gym do u go set and reps off feel or percents and how its diffrent from warming up for and oly meet?

  2. Hi Spencer,

    I am looking at following your programming, but given that it is max effort week next week would it be advisable to start the week after (I’m assuming that would be the start of the next cycle?)


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