140319: Deep Performance

A) Push Press + OHS: 3+3/3 sets AHAP- 2 min rest

5 rounds:
8 alternating weighted pistols, ascend in weight each set if possible
rest 1 min

5 rounds
5 Power Snatch (135,95)
100 meter sprint
rest 30 seconds


7 responses to “140319: Deep Performance

  1. Strength:
    A) 225# for all sets

    A) 24kg for all sets (knee felt ok today, but didn’t want to push it and go heavier)

    I didn’t time this. About :40sec per round. I did 6x50ft shuttle runs instead of the 100m run due to the rain outside.

  2. A) 90#.. Good for me since knee injury. Felt good
    B) still nursing the knee
    C) didn’t time them really.. Under 2 minutes for sure. I surprised myself on how the 95# snatch felt. Felt good.

  3. done on thursday, rest day wednesday
    A) 165-175-175
    8kg – 12 kg – 16 kg – 20 kg – 16 kg
    3 rounds of 5 touch-and-go in about 18 seconds plus 10 seconds of air dyne sprinting, then I just cooled down, it’s been a rough 2 days outside of the gym

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