3/17/14: Deep Movement

Happy St. Patrick’s day everybody!!!

As promised, today is the beginning of the videos addressing the Muscle-Up! There will be much more to come but with that being said, please ask any and all questions and I will do my best to answer them throughout this week. Today’s video is straight forward with what I am looking for. We will break it down more while addressing all of the different positions I see. I will cover the false grip compared to the open-handed grip and the benefits/negatives of both with how I see it. I hope this helps!



Skill: 10 minutes of muscle up practice. Do not progress with the MU until each position is executed correctly in a consistent manner. If your H/A positions are correct, work on elevating your body in a complete hollow position. If this is also accomplished, work on the aggressive transition…..note: This is not an amrap!

Be safe tonight!

Coach Poppa



8 responses to “3/17/14: Deep Movement

  1. First let me say that I really like your posts and appreciate the great info that you and Spencer share with the Crossfit community. Hopefully you’ll do a seminar in Eastern Canada someday so that I can further benefit from your insights.

    I learned the muscle-up with the false-grip, switched to open-handed and then recently (approx. 3 months ago) switched back to false-grip as it has allowed me to increase the amount of unbroken muscle-ups I can do in a set. The issue that I now have, and am not sure if this relates to poor movement, is that regularly tear my palms and wrists really badly. Is it possible that a poor movement pattern is contributing to this issue?

    Thanks in advance,
    Andrew Baechler

    • Hey Andrew, thanks for reaching out. I can’t exactly say what makes your palms tear with the MU. In regards to the wrists, I think it is a matter of them becoming conditioned for the rings. Make sure your hands are in the correct spot on the rings as well.

  2. Mike, at what point does the hollow position become a pike position? Is there a cue for not getting into the pike? Thanks again for the great posts!

    • I would say when you break at the hip and become disconnected. A correct hollow position will hold strong if everything is engaged properly. Thanks grant

  3. Mike

    My biggest issue with the muscle up is when I get to the top, or bottom of the dip, my hands are under the rings. So in the bottom of the dip my hands are holding onto the bottom of the rings.

    1. Have you ever encountered this issue?
    2. What would be the solution?

    Thanks for the awesome videos.

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