140317: Deep Performance

A) Snatch off blocks @ BK/3 x 4 sets 85% rest 2 min
B) FS: 3×1.1.1 (75%,78%,80%) 10 seconds between. 3 min rest

4 sets:
A1) Ring Dips (weighted) x5 rest 90 secs
A2) Ring Rows (weighted) x8, rest 90 sec


Open Repeat


EMOM x 10
Odd Min:
10 Deadlifts (135/95)
6 Burpess over bar
Even Min:
5 Hang Power Cleans (135,95)
5 Box Jumps step down (30,24)


5 responses to “140317: Deep Performance

    • PM
      14.3 – 130 (7:45) not quite enough time to get a rep at 315
      A1) 12 kg – 16 kg – 16 kg – 12 kg
      A2) 10 kg – 16 kg – 20 kg – 20 kg

  1. A) started warming up, arrived at workibg weight and realized that I am too tired and my back is too much destroyed from yesterday 3.14. This is type of WOD that can be done just once in my opinion if you go heavy:/
    B) 175.185.190×3 sets
    .skills: a1 and a2 done with 25# vest

    Conditioning: subbed deadlifts for burpee box over jumps. Just did 10reps. Sticked with HPC and box jumps. All rounds around 33-35sec.

  2. A) back felt super tight do I backed off to 80% and still struggled with consistency 9/12 @ 160
    B) done off 275

    C) rows at 35, dips at 45

    D) done, easy

  3. A) Same with the back tightness from 14.3 yesterday. Stayed at 155…
    3rd set was the best 1st 2 sets i struggled with rep 4.

    B) 210/220/240

    skill) both at 30# vest

    subbed out the 10x DL for 4x Snatch Grip High Pull @ 135
    both even and odd took about 22 seconds each round. gave me lots of nice rest.

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