140317: Deep Barbell

Remember this is a deload week as we prepare for max effort work next week

A) Snatch: 60/3,70/2,75/2,80/1×3
B) Snatch Pull: 90/3×3

A) BS: 4/1.1.1 @80%,83%,85%/10 sec rest between reps, rest as needed between sets
B) BN Snatch Grip Press: 4×3@60%
C) Hollow Rock Hold x30 sec/ 4 sets: rest 30 sec each set


7 responses to “140317: Deep Barbell

  1. Spencer I have a meet in two weeks, first one of the year should keep following the blog. Will the max effort week be advantageous for the meet at the end of that week. I have been pretty consistent @ 90-100% lately.

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