140315: Deep Performance

A) Snatch from blocks @ BK: Snatch Pull x 3 + Snatch x 2 @ 75% x 4 sets, rest 90 sec
B) FS: 70-75/2*4 sets @ 33X1, rest 90 sec

30 sec ME Pistol, 60 sec rest x 4 sets


8 Rounds:
8 HR Pushups
40 m high handle prowler (150/100 total weight)
Rest 2 min


5 responses to “140315: Deep Performance

  1. Spencer,

    Few questions:
    Are the strength movements that you are programming designed for us to maintain current strength levels?

    I’m also curious if you could give an overview of what’s planned after the Open season.

    Is there a danger in maxing during the open season? I’m feeling like my maxes have increased significantly and I’m working off old percentages most of the time.


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