140314: Deep Performance

A) Work up to heavy 3 touch and go cleans in 12 min

Open Workout 14.3 Test

Complete one of the following 3 options:

A) Intervals of the movements at a high intensity with high rest to learn and evaluate the workout
B) All of the workout at 70% intensity
C) If you can complete the workout and not be debilitated for the rest of the weekend then complete it at 100% intensity


11 responses to “140314: Deep Performance

  1. 108 reps

    Stuck with step ups which I highly recommend, I could have done them a little faster. Stuck with pushing on my knee for efficiency but could prob be fine with a faster rhythm and little arm swing.

    Transitions are huge, I only have KG plates so a little extra work but be sure of the weights you need and change quick, my transition to 275 took 50 seconds because I kept confirming what I was doing. That’s an 1/8 of the workout gone!!

    I did 135/185 unbroken and 225 in 10’s with a 15 sec break. May switch to 4 rounds of 5 with 5 sec breaks to save a little for 275. 275 I did 5/3/2 then singles. Next time I will do 5 take a little longer break and keep trying for rounds of five. I think doing 225 in rounds of 5 will give me a little extra as well.

    Just my thoughts for y’all good luck.

  2. Strength
    A) 220… really happy with this

    made it up to 65 reps in about 4 or 5 minutes, then stopped deadlifts to rest the back, did a couple rounds of box jumps and step ups to compare

    was able to recover much better than other workouts during this one, still might step up from the beginning

  3. My experience as a coach and competitor with box jumps vice step up option is this:

    Box jumps will be faster in a 1 for 1 comparison…
    However most people struggle with being able to maintain that speed on box jumps… whereas step ups are easier to maintain a steady pace…

    Today im going to try to go out and dp 1 to 3 rounds of box jumps at fast pace then switch to step ups… once your legs or lungs start to slow you down on box jumps, i would say switch to step ups.

    However Id also recommend keeping the hands off the knee (lindsey, stop cheating:)) haha not really but the hand on knee placement in my opinion adds bad/un-needed extra downforce and sheer on the knee…swing the arms… shake out the hands, will also help loosen the forearms from the grip on DL’s

    • I agree, it seemed easier while I was doing it (and I got it from barbell shrugged haha) but on my second workout of the day I played with the step ups and the arm swing wasn’t any more muscularity difficult and I was much faster. I will be doing that on go around #2

      • I also wish I warmed up my hips more, I felt the tightness in my hips really slowed me down on the step ups. I think I’m 6’5″ but it’s just not true and the 24″ is a decent step. I could feel it get tight as I lifted over the edge and it was uncomfortable

  4. 136 with 7:02 tiebreak. Had about 50 seconds at 315 and strung 3 together then 3 singles. I’m ok with the score as I came out uninjured and this was the first time doing any serious dead lifting after a car accident 5 months ago.

    Did step ups/drop downs and could’ve maintained all day. 275 got heavy.

  5. I did 100% at 14.3 yesterday and don’t feel like I’m going to break in half today. I got 137 with 6:56 for tie break. 205 felt like a million pounds. One and done I think for me… I don’t don’t think I would be able to get more.

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