140311: Deep Performance

A) CJ off blocks @ BK: 3×3 @ 75%, rest 2 min

Perform @ 65%-70% intensity

3 rds:
30 KB Swing, Vertical Bell (53/35)
400m run

rest 1 min

3 rds:
20 Wall Ball (20/14)
200m run

rest 1 min

3 rds:
20 Toes To Bar
250m row

rest 1 min

500 m row

22 responses to “140311: Deep Performance

  1. I’ve seen a couple different blogs post about custom leaderboards for those that follow…anyone interested? I can make it happen if we get a list of names…

  2. On second thought I’m just gonna add everyone’s name that is legible who’s recently posted to the site. If you want off let me know.

  3. A: rx off of 255. Wasn’t sure if I should go off of max clean and jerk or max clean off of blocks from last time we maxed. I’m 11 pounds heavier on blocks.

    38:10. Hard to gauge effort but took it easy and stayed consistent the whole time.
    Subbed toes to bar to v ups
    Cause I redid 14.2 yesterday and tore up my hands. 41 rep pr though on 14.2.

  4. Hey not sure if there’s a custom leader board out yet.. If you want to add me I’m Sunny Falcone. Thanks!! 🙂

  5. A. 170- no blocks

    43:33 total time.

    Sub 1 min airdyne and 2 min airdyne for rows

    John Gonzalez – Southern California

  6. A) 170 – off plates since i dont have blocks

    Conditioning –
    49 minutes exactly
    wow, seems everyone smoked me on this i paced this 60-70% at a pace which i would call moderate(just a little over not being able to talk comfortably). Did all sets unbroken except TTB cause of my torn palm from 14.2. However running outside in 25 degree weather with 20-30 mph winds probably didnt help run times at all.

  7. did snatch complex from yesterday
    A) CJ 3×3 @ 182

    lifting felt sloppy today
    no time so no conditioning

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