140310: Deep Performance

A) Power Snatch + Snatch + Snatch Push Press + Snatch Balance: 4 sets of 1+1+1+1 @ 75%
B) BS: 3×1.1.1 (80/83/85) cluster: rest 10 sec beween singles and 3 min between sets. Increase load to prescribed percentages each rep.

4 sets:
A1) Strict Chest to Ring Pullups x 5, weight if possible, rest 90 sec
A2) Close Grip Bench x 5, rest 90 sec

Repeat Open Workout



OR if you feel good complete:

EMOM x 8 min:
Odd Min:
5 Power Clean (135/95)
10 BJ (24/20)
Even Min:
5 Push Press (135/95)
10 Pullups


4 responses to “140310: Deep Performance

  1. did 14.2 first because I was close to the submission deadline
    Tried to snatch- absolutely not after that workout, I’ll try to add it tmrw
    Able to get the squats in somehow
    B) (230-235-245)x3
    based off 285
    felt pretty easy after a full weekend of skiing and 14.2

  2. A) 155
    B) 260.270.275

    A) done

    Push ups instead of pull ups.
    Everything felt really good/easy/fast today.

    Redid 14.2 yesterday
    1st go Friday = 134
    2nd go Sunday = 194

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