3/7/14: Deep Movement

Here they are, the infamous chest to bar pull-ups. The one movement that really starts to create separation in the pack.
There are many things we could talk about in regards to positioning but there are two main concepts I want you to concentrate on, which will hopefully help you get farther int0 14.2. I understand and don’t expect you to overhaul your technique today to a perfect hollow and arch position if you haven’t been doing it up to this point. I do want you to do what works best for you but with that said, also try to implement these two main points.
First, I want you to concentrate on keeping the lats engaged and scapulas semi-retracted. This helps us stay in control and shortens the ROM. Look at the difference in the pictures below. On the top, you have the proper lat and scapula positioning. Below you have a fully relaxed shoulder at end range. Pay close attention to the positioning and the distance between her shoulder and ear.
photo4 photo1
Put yourself into this position as you warm up so you can get a feel for it and then try to cycle a few reps while maintaining shoulder positioning.
On top of that, I want elbows down and in while in motion; stay away from them flaring out/unstable shoulder.
This is the biggest thing that I change with athletes. Most of them don’t realize that they are in a disconnected state with their shoulder positioning.
Next, in regards to efficiency, I have been telling everyone to allow the hips to do most of the work.
What I mean by this is, use your bodies momentum along with the kip to elevate your body to the bar. The least amount of pull you apply to each chest to bar, the more efficient you will be.  Even top athletes that pull early will fatigue faster because the amount of forearms involved.  I need you to be thinking about this on every rep!! A few reps can make or break your chances of jumping into the next three-minute bout.
Quality and consistency is what I will stress as much as possible!!!! You have to start in correct position to execute the correct movement! And by correct, I mean controlled and efficient. You have to strategize, visualize, and then execute your plan!!!
2 Main points:
-lats engaged and scapulas semi-retracted
-let your hips and kip elevate you before your pull to the bar
Jason Hoggan once told me before a workout to trust the technique once things get hard. That is my advice to you. TRUST THE TECHNIQUE!!
skill: Apply and get a feel for engaging your lats in a connected state before starting the chest to bar
Fight the good fight!,
Coach Poppa

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