140308: Deep Performance

A) Clean Only: 4×2@70%-75% from 3in deficit + 1 Power Jerk, rest 90 sec
B) Pause FS: 4 sets of 2 @ 70%, pause 2 sec @ bottom, rest 60 sec

3 Rounds:
A1) 30 sec ME MU, no rest
A2) 60 sec hollow/arch hold: every 15 sec rollover to opposite position.
*hold the hollow rock position x 15 sec, without relaxin rollover to arch (back extension) position x 15 sec for 1 minute total

5 Rounds: 5 Ground to Shoulder (135/95) + 5 Box Jump Step Down (24/20) + 50m sprint, rest 3 min


6 responses to “140308: Deep Performance

  1. So on the conditioning, we do 5 ground to shoulder, after the 5th one we hold it in the front rack and do 5 box jumps with step down or can we put it on our backs for the box jumps?

  2. A. Rx. 2 at 70%, 2 at 75.
    Felt weird as I stood on plates but weight was light.

    B. RX at 215. Easy.

    Skill: no muscle ups but practiced. Have never done one.
    RX on holds.

    Conditioning. Did 14.2. 81 reps. Gonna redo Monday.

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