140305: Deep Performance

A) Power Jerk + Jerk Grip OHS: 4 sets of 3+3 @ 70%-75% of split jerk max, rest 90 sec
B) BS: 60/5, 70/4, 75/4, 80/4*3 sets, rest 90 sec

Skill and Conditioning:
For Time:
75 Cal Airdyne Buy-In
3 Rounds:
10 DB Clean (70/55, must touch ground each rep)
20 KB Swings, Vertical Bell (70/53)
5 Burpee Bar MU
75 Cal Airdyne Cash-Out


18 responses to “140305: Deep Performance

  1. Spencer, If we are interested in starting your cycle, what max’s should we find first?

  2. A) kept failing the OHS at 180, so dropped to 175
    plenty of mobility, just not enough stability/strength

    • Finished this thursday morning
      B) 170-200-215-230×3 … feeling stronger, these were a little tough with the interval, no pause at the top

      22:35… did 1-arm cleans on accident though, but used a KB

  3. Spencer, for the DB Cleans, is this with one DB or two? If it’s one do we alternate arms for 10 total or 10 each arm? Thanks!

  4. A. Done at 180. No misses. Ohs very hard.
    B. rx off of 345. Not sure this is my max as all of these feel pretty easy.

    Conditioning. :
    Burpee pull up instead as I can’t do muscle ups yet.

  5. A) 185,195,195 just didnt have it today
    B) done off 375
    C) 15 squat cleans with 80#dbs & 15 squat cleans done with 70# dbs. = 29:00. Brutal!

  6. A)135, 165, 175, 185, last one was a battle
    B)245, 285, felt like crap, stopped

    Conditioning: Big time Scale/Mod as I wasn’t feeling good. 75 Cal AD, 3 rds: 10 Air Squat, 20 KB Swings 53#, 5 Burpee Strict C2b, 75 Cal AD cashout. 17:30.

  7. A)165 for all Jerks (85, 95, 105, 115 for close grip OHS) these kill me
    B) 215, 225, 240 think i did an extra rd at 240 lost track

    This was absolutely brutal… Cleans were almost all single reps only managed a few doubles in there… smoked the hell outta me. Broke up Swings into two sets each round to keep grip strength but these didnt feel to bad, all 3 sets of 5 bbar MU were quick and unbroken no rest until i got back to cleans.
    25 minutes
    (goal was to break 20 but after 1rd of cleans that thought started to fade)

  8. Strength:
    A) Power Jerk + Jerk Grip OHS: did 185 should have been 205, shoulders felt terrible and OHS w/ Jerk grip didn’t happen with any notable load.

    B) BS: 60/5, 70/4, 75/4, 80/4*3 sets done off 420. Best I have felt on squats in awhile

    Skill and Conditioning:
    For Time: 31:53, 15 cleans with 70’s and 15 with 80’s

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