140303: Deep Barbell

A) Hang Muscle Snatch: 50/4, 60/3, 65/2*3 sets
B) Snatch High Pull + Snatch: 2+1: Work up to 80%-85% for 4 sets
C) Snatch Pull To Explode: 100/2*3 sets: DEMO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPV1htHFCXs&sns=fb

A) BS: 80/5, 90/2, 100/2, DON’T MAX. IT’S COMING
B) Deadhang Pullups: 3×10
C) Alternating Knees To Elbow: 3×8 e/s: DEMO


10 responses to “140303: Deep Barbell

  1. I am not hitting the back squat numbers anytime it has gone over 85 in the last few weeks. FS is not a problem. Any suggestions?

  2. A: from 185#
    B: up to 135#
    C: 185

    BS to 320# (last max was smolov time at 340. This is my working max number).
    Pull-ups done 7/3 in last set
    Man, those kte suck. Add another item to the weakness list.

  3. M/18/160#

    A) 95-115-135#
    B) 185#
    C) 205#

    Strength: Not there today at all
    A) 175-315-345F-335F-315M
    B) Done
    C) Done

  4. Spencer – I was following your barbell program while you were still with Outlaw. I wanted to get back to your program, so that means I will be following your Deep Barbell blogs. When do you recommend me to start your program? Are you coming up to a new cycle anytime soon?

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