140301: Deep Performance

A) Clean+Hang Clean+Jerk+Jerk Grip OHS: Find ME on complex in 8 min
B) Pause BS: Pause 2 sec in the bottom, no bounce, stand AFAP: 60/3, 70/3, 75/3, 80/3*3 sets

A) EMOM x 4min: 5 DL (315/205) + 5 HSPU

6 Rounds:
20 Cal Airdyne
30 UB DU
Rest 3:1


6 responses to “140301: Deep Performance

  1. A) 295!
    B) done off of 405. Last sets 325, felt really good.
    Skill- every round done in 15 sec
    Cond- 2 rounds broken on du

  2. A) 198
    B) 170-200-215-230
    skipped the rest, not enough sleep last night and barely got through A and B

  3. Open wod 14.1 then came back later for today’s work

    A) 245
    B) based off 350

    Skill – all rounds in 12 sec

    Conditioning – all rounds 1:05 – 1:13

  4. A) 245, technique was starting to falter so I stopped
    B) done off 375
    Skill- each rd around :20
    C) :41,:43,:45,:45,:47,:47

  5. skipped saturdays session took the day off and redid snatch and then 14.1 on sunday and increased by score by almost a full round from Fridays score.

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