140228: Deep Performance

A) Snatch from blocks @ hip/power position: 50/5, 60/3, 65/3, 70/3*3 sets, rest 90 sec

AMRAP in 10min:
30 Double Unders
15 Snatch (75/55)


24 responses to “140228: Deep Performance

  1. Without knowing the workout obviously it’s hard to say, but do you/will you recommend any practice or mini run throughs of the workout or movements for tonight?

  2. Hey Spencer! Off Topic Question here but with your FS/BS template i am a little confused with the “94% from day1” What does that exactly mean? I just go back to the same weight i started with? I know i am sure once you explain it will be a no brainer. Thank you!

    • 94% of the weight used at the beginning of the week. If squatted 100kg on Monday, then 94kg on Wednesday.

      On another side note, just put a group of people through this. First girl front squat back squat prd by 20/50lbs. 2nd girl front squat pr by 20lbs. The others are testing tonight and Saturday.

    • Daniel,

      What that means is simply on Day 1 you do for example… 75% of your 1RM FS, so on the next FS/BS day you will hit 94% of day 1 so 94% of that 75%…

      as you progress though it may not be 94% of that exact percentage. What i mean is this… when you hit the weeks at like 95% and 100% for yrou monday (Day 1) some people had to drop weight to finish their sets by 5 or 10 pounds, so then on that next FS/BS day they would be at 94% of that weight they dropped to, not of 95 otr 100%.

      Hope that helps clarify things a bit more for you…

        • Was just following the written session for that day…

          “WOD 131209:

          1a) 5X2/4 FS/BS @ 100% of max FS (from beginning of the cycle) – rest 90 sec.
          *If you can’t complete the work, drop the weight and get the work done.
          1b) …”

          Now i know for next time we do these. But without a spotter may have to break up the reps a little more i get to work out solo most of the time.

          • woops looks like you are right. my intro class is currently going through it now. i don’t let them drop the weight. my bad there. i found that if I allow intro folks to think they can fail and the weight then drops that it allows for mental weakness. knowing that failure doesn’t allow for dropping the weight generally creates more mentally tough athletes.

      • First off thank you for the help!

        So let me get this straight I only take the 94% from the beginning of the weeks % Weight? Not from all the way back to when i first started the program??
        For Example first week it starts with 7/13 @ 65% and when i get to the 94%, that means I take 94% from the 65%?? and so on with the 70% all the way tell i get to 100%??

  3. Strength:
    Off of 200. No misses. Done from high hang as I didn’t have blocks to work with.

    Practiced lightly for 14.1, which I will do tomorrow. snatches feel weird as they are so light. I find myself wanting to muscle snatch quickly but worried I will burn out really quick like that.

  4. 7 rds plus 10 dus

    Follow the tips! The wider stance saved my lower back big time. Also, not breaking the elbows on the way down really helped save my shoulders as well! Go get it!

  5. Conditioning….14.1….. 348 reps
    (and super happy with that! Thanks Spencer for your awesome programming!)

  6. 313 on the retry. Disappointed couldn’t get back to the DUs.

    309 (male), 306 (female), 304 (female), 302 (female) for my training partners. Stoked for our girls’ start…meh for our guys.

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