Camp Release



Due to multiple emails and requests I wanted to make a public announcement about what I will be doing with training camps and seminars coming up.  I have had multiple people interested in hosting either a weightlifting or performance training camp at their gym and instead of replying to all of you with a little bit of information each time you emailed I figured I would write a post about all of the information.

First off.  I am not hosting or putting on any camps until after the Games and USAW Nationals.  I want to spend the next couple months streamlining our program and working with the athletes preparing for Nationals and the Regionals/Games.  Thus beginning of August is when I will start traveling/hosting training camps.

Secondly, someone has already secured our first camp date.  August 8-10 I will be hosting a Deep Barbell Olympic Lifting seminar at Crossfit SE11 London.  I will be taking myself and Olympic lifting coach Eric Rosenstock overseas for that camp and we are looking to potentially do some more in Europe while we are over there.

If you’re interested in attending that camp here’s the link to sign up: Crossfit SE11 London

If you are incurring problems making an international payments
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To make an international payment, the following information must be emailed to
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The schedule and further information as well as pricing is listed at that website.  The early registration ends March 31st.

On top of the Olympic lifting camps, we will be hosting and putting on Performance Training Camps as well.  These camps will focus on a plethora of different movements and lecture topics.  These camps are going to focus on two facets of the sport of fitness.  For the Olympic lifting realm I will cover snatch, clean, and jerk as well as accessory movements like the squat.  In the movement realm, assistant coach Mike Poppa will be teaching the body movement section of the camp.  He will specifically focus on optimal body positions for the pullup, HSPU, muscleup, and toes to bar.  Also, Eric and myself will be giving 3 lectures detailing competition preparation strategy, nutrition for training during certain parts of the season and in competition, as well as programming for specific goals and competitions.  These camps will last 2 full days (Saturday/Sunday) and a Friday night session.

Email me if you want to get the conversation started about hosting either of these camps.  I am only going to book 1-2 per month and I am only going to do camps during the off-season.  Looking forward to meeting yall and seeing your gyms.  I know many of you have already emailed but I want to get set up with a location that best suits everyone interested.  Looking forward to it.



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