2/25/14: Deep Movement

Yesterday I went over the importance of the hollow and arch positions. From here on out, we will go in depth on how and when to apply it. This can be the  missing link to you getting your first muscle up to a member of yours getting their first strict pull-up or the difference of a few seconds to win a workout. Accomplishing your movement goals will happen more often when you embrace the hollow/arch as your starting and finishing positions.
.Any time an individual touches the pull-up bar and or rings, the first position needs to be hollow position to establish connection  (picture below). That list consists of
-strict pull-ups
-Kipping pull-ups/ Kip C2b pull-ups
-butterfly pull-ups/butterfly C2b’s
-toes toes to bar
-knees to elbow
-bar muscle ups
-muscle ups
Once the hollow position is properly established you then will go directly into the arch position. This allows you to keep tension throughout the body while also starting to create momentum and explosive power.
Notice the neutral spine position in regards to the head. A common error in this position is when athletes force their head violently forward through their arms which can create a disconnect in the shoulder. This will disrupt timing and overload the shoulder which can lead to injury.
(below are disconnected positions which we want to stay away from)
photo(1) photo(6)
A good drill I have all of our athletes do when warming up for any movements on the pull-up rig is hollow and arch swings. It allows you to sync everything up and understand the timing and feeling of these key positions. It is CRUCIAL to keep everything activated throughout the body. Starting from the top, the lats and shoulders have to to be engaged, down to your core, then the glutes, quads, calves are engaged with your toes pointed. The legs are where we tend to see most people become disengaged (or break). They have a bent knee and their feet go back. You are loosing power with every break so this is what I initially will try to correct. Really concentrate on this today when warming up with the H/A swings.
While warming up
4×10 H/A swings- w/30 sec rest
Post workout
Tabata alternating of hollow and arch rocks (aka superman rocks).
Until next time,
Coach Poppa

4 responses to “2/25/14: Deep Movement

  1. Thank you for this email! I can see how more emails like this will aid me in understanding how to connect my full body to various movements!

    Jess Sasser


  2. He’s a great coach to have. His advice is very valuable and world class. Even though I get to train under him everyday, these posts give extra insight and I will follow. Thanks Mike, see you at the bar.

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