Introducing Deep Movement!


It is my privilege to announce a new facet of Deep Performance today. Starting today my fellow coach and friend Mike Poppa will be posting weekly work to help with efficiency of movement specifically in the gymnastics arena. Under the title Deep Movement he will be posting four progressions a week to help you get a better grasp on movements such as toes to bar, muscle ups, handstand push-ups, and basically anything high skill that requires precise body movement. Mike was on staff with me under Outlaw and handled the specific facets of movement for Outlaw. He has since transitioned over to Deep Performance and will be handling the same arena with us.

His post will show up four times a week. You can expect him to write some information or video some examples for you but each post you can expect a progression. Something you can practice or add to your warm-up each day. For those of you who struggle completing the skill work as part of the Deep Performance programming this would be a good replacement for your skill work. Specifically if I program muscle ups or a high-level skill and you’re not able to complete it as written, then the movement would be a good alternative.

Mike will be assisted by Pac-10 all-around champion and 2013 CrossFit games athlete Emily Carothers. You can expect this added aspect of our program to be invaluable in both your own training but also in your coaching of other athletes.


3 responses to “Introducing Deep Movement!

  1. This is awesome!! I’ve been doing your deep performance, and need this extra work. Thank you for your posts. I have seen improvements … Thank you!!!

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