Be The Exception

With all the chatter going around the picks for the NFL Draft of course Mr. Manziel had to come in the picture. All day long I heard about how he was 1/4 of an inch too short of standards for the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Then we heard about how his hands are above average etc etc.

I could care less about Mr. Johnny Football to be honest because we all know he is going to go first round and make millions for his talent. However, one of the commentators stated a quote by Bill Parcells that said, “Make one exception and next thing you know you have a team full of exceptions.” I like the quote and think there is some merit to what he said specifically in regard to football.

However, the league is full of exceptions and in fact the sporting world is full of exceptions. The list is in fact too long to begin to start.

The reason I got stuck on this quote today was because yesterday I got to train at MDUSA with Coach Pendlay, McCauley and the team. Szela and I trained next to each other and talked about weight cutting and diet and basic weightlifting topics. However, afterwards I got a chance to talk to coach McCauley about the difference between my body type and Mike’s. I basically asked him his thoughts on going up aw weight class. His response was actually pretty encouraging. He noted 2 or 3 lifters in history that were taller for their class and noted that I could exist where I’m at with the right amount of leg strength.

That’s what I want to encourage you in today. Don’t run from a sport a passion because you don’t fit the mold. Also don’t try to fit the mold because that’s what the sport or the stereotypes tell you. Be the exception. I would change Bill’s quote to say that “Make lots of exceptions and next thing you know you have an exceptional team.” Work hard, dismiss the haters, and be the exception. It will make the victory sweeter in the end.


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