Photo Courtesy of Chad Hamilton and Fittest Games

Photo Courtesy of Chad Hamilton and Fittest Games

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday myself, Eric Rosenstock, Mike Poppa, Emily Carothers, and Gerald Sasser spent some time down in Tampa talking with the Ten Institute about what it is Deep Performance does and how it does it. We are looking at potentially working with them on supplementation and partnering with them for the benefit of our CrossFit athletes. The details of that partnership have yet to be worked out, but certainly there is merit to their products and I believe their product to be one of the best, if not the best, on the market. That being said, while we are working out the details I wanted to give y’all a chance to look at an interview we did with them specifically talking about our program, the interaction of our coaching staff, and some of the results our athletes are experiencing.

Deep Performance and Barbell are still very much in their infancy phase. The reason I have not released an official website yet is because I’m still compiling biographies and commitments from some of the best coaches in the country and some of the best athletes in the country. Also, we will be releasing some further diversification of our program for the multitudes of different level athletes out there. All of that will come when I think it is easiest for yall to see the whole picture. The last thing I want is to release who we are phase by phase instead of giving you all the entire vision at once.

Below is the interview. I would advise y’all to take a look at it and see some of what we’re doing already. You can ignore the slight crack we made on Jason Hoggan 🙂

TEN Institute Deep Performance Interview


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