140221: Deep Barbell

A) Drop Snatch: Find 1 RM
B) Power Snatch: 60/3, 65/3, 70/2, 75/2, 80/1*3 sets

A) Back Rack Step Up To Low Box: (step to box that puts leg @ parallel): 3×6 e/l @ 50% of BS Max
B) Seated DB Press: 3×8


7 responses to “140221: Deep Barbell

  1. In the drop snatch there is no dip or heave to get the bar off the shoulders like there is in a snatch balance correct? you just drop straight down?

  2. M/18/160#
    Did this workout today.
    A) 165#
    B) 135-135-145-155-165#

    Strength: Flipped squats and lunges
    A) 255-275-315#(4/3+1/2+2)
    B) 70# each

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