Snatch Recovery Demo


photo credit to The Fittest Games

I programmed snatch recoveries for today’s barbell programming. I have gotten my fair share of text messages asking for more explanation, reasoning for using this exercise, and mostly just whining about how hard it is. The snatch recovery is a useful tool in the development of overhead stability, comfortability in the bottom of an overhead squat, and simple repetition with heavy load overhead.

If you have never given the snatch recovery a try I highly recommend you add them to your programming. They are specifically beneficial if you struggle saving heavy maximal snatches or the biggest challenge for you in the snatch is stability overhead during the standup. Instead of trying to cover how to perform this movement, below is a demo video performed at relatively lightweight. The key is to make sure you are in the absolute dead bottom of your squat when you start. Give these a shot.

Snatch Recovery Demo


2 responses to “Snatch Recovery Demo

  1. When using this, what kind of percentages/rep scheme is most beneficial? Similar %/Rep to the FS Recovery from the blocks you had a few weeks ago?

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